NTM Patient/Physician Conference Video Now Online!

If you weren’t able to attend the NTM Patient/Physician Conference in Philadelphia on May 17th or want to refresh your memory, here’s your chance to catch up! We’ve uploaded videos of the presentations to our YouTube channel (

Because some of the presentations are lengthy, the videos are broken into segments which will make playback easier on most computers.

In addition to opening remarks by Dr. Leah Lande of Lankenau Medical Center, and introductions by Philip Leitman of NTM Info & Research, speakers and topics include:

Human Behavior and NTM Infection, Joseph O. Falkinham, III, PhD (Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA)

Clinical Aspects and Ongoing Management of Pulmonary NTM, Michael D. Iseman, M.D. (National Jewish Health, Denver, CO)

A Historical Perspective on the Incidence and Rise of NTM Infection in the Community, Donald Peterson, M.D. (Lankenau Medical Center, Wynnewood, PA)

A Community Clinician’s Proactive Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment of NTM, Leah Lande, M.D. (Lankenau Medical Center)

Co-Morbidities… Genetic and Man-Made; New Drugs in NTM Treatment, Kenneth Olivier, M.D. (National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD)

The Roles of Science and the Laboratory in Developing New Therapies, Richard J. Wallace, Jr., M.D. (University of Texas Health Sciences Center, Tyler, TX)

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