Other Ways to Help

In addition to donations and bequests, there are many ways you can advocate on behalf of NTM patients. By volunteering, you can help educate others about NTM lung disease and raise awareness of it.

Tell Your Story: Why not go out and speak to a group of people at a local church or synagogue, or social organization?

Send Us Your Story! Let us know if you'd be interested in making a short video to be placed on our website. Many patients find inspiration in the stories of other patients. We make it easy for you – we'll send you a video camera, instructions and a list of suggested topics. You make the video, send us back the equipment, and we'll place the video on ntminfo.org!

Write to Your Elected Officials: Our elected Congressional representatives can help our voices be heard. Write them a letter telling them your story and explaining why it is so important to fund research into NTM lung disease. Even better, try to set up a face-to-face meeting with them when they are back in their home district.

Connect NTMir With Corporate Partners: Many companies support worthy causes – but first they have to learn about the cause! If you meet someone who works for a company that has an interest in supporting an organization concerned with lung disease, get their name and contact information, then contact us! We can help you put together a packet so you can approach them directly and ask if they would like to support our organization. Their donations fund vital research that can lead to improved treatments and outcomes for patients just like you! Your help will make a difference.

The most powerful part of any presentation you can give is your own story, so make it personal. Help others understand what it is like to live with this disease.

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