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    Why is it necessary to see infectious disease docs?


    It is my understanding that having both pulmonary dr and infectious dr is advatageous since each bring different expertise to the subject. I do not have an infectious dr locally. My pulmonary has been able to do everything for me, from prescribing meds to bronchoscopies. I do not think an infectious dr performs bronchoscopies or lung biopsies. I have seen an infectious specialist at Natl Jewish in the past along with a pulmonary there. At NIH, I see pulmonaries as far I know.



    Hi Snapor. I was told by Dr Holland (ID) at NIH that Infectious Disease Dr’s (ID) know more about the meds. Carole


    I originally had a pulmonary dr but since I couldn’t take one of the meds he put me on, he referred me to an infectious disease dr who he said would have more knowledge about the meds to use. I still had to have a pulmonary for the bronchoscopes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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